Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Almost there...

WOW - super excited that the top that was started on our last sew day is just about complete.
I am going to add a small border to make it a wee bit bigger and then on to the long arm.
I will be making up some "kits" for those of you that can work from home. Just let me know if your interested. Also, if you want to make fabric donations to the Freedom Quilters - we would be happy to have it. I am especially in the need of white or gold for the kitting - I cut up over 100 yards of various blues and reds this past weekend while cleaning out my sewing room. I will keep some for backings but the rest is destined for tops.

I did spend most of Saturday and part of Sunday cleaning out my space. I don't know about you, but just having things in order makes me want to sew. I had stuff everywhere!! OH and the dust (I would pay someone to dust my house, I hate doing it that much!) - I have shipped off all the dust bunnies to live elsewhere. Here is a pic of Fritz helping me out!
He is such a hard worker - and completely bummed that the batting went to the trash!!

Signing off for now!
Remember - Freedom is never free!
~ Renee

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