Friday, March 8, 2013

March madness...

Hello fellow quilters!!
It seems like forever since I have seen most of you. I do hope you have survived the cold weather.
I personally could take spring any day now - although I am dreading the upcoming time change! Aghh, I am so tired getting out of be now as it is, Monday will be near impossible!

I do need to let you know that this month's FQQOV meeting will be canceled due to the shop hop. I personally will not be hopping, but click here for a link to the shop hop website. I encourage you to go out and support your favorite shops if you can.

Can you believe that the Quilt of Valor program is celebrating 10 years! I just looked at the website and see the total quilts awarded is (drum roll please!!) - 82,813!! Sad that they were needed but great that they could be awarded. Way to go volunteers!! You guys rock!!
I was thinking that if each quilt used an average of 8 yards of material that would equal 662,504 total yards used. WOW that is a huge number. Wrap your head around that one. How much thread would that be? OK, OK I think it's time to get back to work and stop rambling! 

One last thing - click here a PDF for the 10th anniversary block. I do hope you would consider making it - heck, make several or even an entire quilt from it, and feel free to share the pattern with your quilting friends! 

Look forward to seeing you all in April!

Remember - Freedom is never free.
~ Renee

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