Monday, January 21, 2013

2013's First Meeting

Hey All!!
We had a great sewing day at the Stitch'n Quilt on Saturday. The gals really got moving on a great quilt pattern called Patriotic Star. I am sorry for the memory laps, but I don't remember where the pattern came from. It is super simple - the majority is a rail fence - made in red, white and blue, and then there are 5 gold stars on the top. Bea West was busy sewing the strip sets together and Deb Hall was a champ cutting all the strips down. Ann Smith stopped in a took home some materials to help the process along. I cannot wait to see this one finished! 
If you are unable to work with us on our sewing days, let me know and I can make arrangements for you to have material to work at home - no problem!

Facebooker's - if you have not had the chance to look at the Quilts of Valor page, here is a link.
There are so many great stories and inspirational quilts to look at - I think it is worth a few minutes of browsing. Also, our Region 8 QOV has a page, found here. It is fun to see what others in our area are doing. The Susan Gordon is such a great motivator! 

Stay tuned - I will be posting pictures of the works in progress.
Remember - freedom is never free
~ Renee

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