Thursday, July 25, 2013

July happenings...

Have you had enough rain yet? I think it's safe to say my weeds are super happy - I am not a gardener by any stretch and the flowers I planted are looking for some weed relief, add weeding to my to-do list. YUCK!!

Well, we had a GREAT turn out for our July Freedom Quilter's meeting. There are 3 missing from this picture, the machines were humming - it was fun. Won't you put it on your calendar to join us next month?

Since finishing the Bear Paw quilt (final pictures to come), I have been doing some mindless string blocks. I did decide to make them blue with gold centers. Someday I will break out in full on scrappy, but for now I am wading in slowly! 

The beauty of this setting is you get 2 out of 1 string block. Adding a solid on the top and essentially making a 1/2 square triangle out of it. I really like the way it is coming together. Half the fun was laying it out - I did have one pattern down, adding the white sashing, but this is not it. When I picked up the block for assembly I got them out of order! We collectively went back to the drawing board and this was the result. 

Obviously this is not complete, but still stunning (in my humble opinion). I need to grow it, trying to make it around 60 x 80 (the new size QOVF likes to have). I will try my hand at embroidery in the red - white stars would be cool! Stay tuned for the final quilt.

The July QOVF Newsletter was posted today and you can find it here. Take a minute to read it. So much goes on with the Foundation that we don't know about. These group of volunteers do a GREAT job of keeping us organized. Hats off to them.

That about wraps it up for now - stay dry my friends!

Remember - freedom is never free.

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