Wednesday, June 26, 2013

It's a presentation!!!

I had one of the most rewarding presentations last weekend.
A WWII Army veteran that served in Okinawa was honored with a beautiful QOV.

I read a letter...

And then wrapped him in love...

He had many family members there that were also either in the military or veterans. It was a great group. They had laid out some pictures for us to see - they are on the table - from when Don was in the service. He comes from a big family and most of his brothers and even his twin sister enlisted.

I have a special soft spot for the WWII generation. This is the second time I have been involved with them and I doubt I will ever tire of being around them!
There were 2 other Freedom Quilters with me that afternoon, and they both agreed that is was special.

Well off to make another quilt!
Remember - freedom is never free.

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