Wednesday, September 5, 2012

We have a presentation to do!!

Well ladies - seeing as the Taste of Kennesaw is going on this weekend, Cottontail Quilts has decided to close. The amount of people and traffic on the downtown event days makes it almost impossible for anyone to get quilting done! LOL So, I am afraid to say, no meeting again.

I do have some great news though - I was contacted by the Region 8 coordinator asking me to do a Quilts of Valor presentation!! 
Seems there has been a sister nominate her brother - a Viet Nam veteran. He lives in Cartersville. The sister has asked to be present (she lives out of town) and we will be working out a time and location for the presentation once she is scheduled to come into town!! WHOO HOOO!!! 
So...we need a quilt to present to him. I have some military themed fabric that I bought, and thought to design around that - some of it is panels. 
If anyone would like to get together, before Octobers meeting, let me know. 

In the mean time - keep those machines stitching.
Thanks for all you do!
Until later,

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