Monday, March 26, 2012

Some Ground Work

I am so excited!! I met with Susan Gordon, the Region 8 coordinator this afternoon and she gave me so many great ideas, I am sure my head is going to explode before I can get them out.

This may be a good time to get the ground work laid. Check out he QOVF Bare Bones Requirements. This will give you the Do's and Don't for the QOV. It's nice that we have these guidelines to follow, making our work easy. No need to memorize this, I will have a sheet printed to hand out.

One question I had for Susan was, "do we need to make the quilts in red, white and blue?". Short answer, no. After my conversation with Susan, I believe if we stick with the patriotic theme, our quilts will be placed more quickly, but certainly they can be made from most anything that fits the Bare Bones Requirements. Freedom Quilters is about getting the quilts finished and covering our warriors.

Quilts are not the only way to help. There is a call for wheelchair bags and quilt presentation cases.

Every QOV quilt has a presentation case to go along with it. It is nothing more than a pillow case. I do have the pattern for the "magic" pillow case, which is super quick and easy. If you have never made one, now is your chance. This is one of those patterns that makes you look like a rock star.

Wheelchair bags are a great way to help our warriors keep their paperwork together when being transported in the wheelchair. I have an example of a bag that works well, but not pattern for it. If you have something that you think would work, bring it to the next meeting and we can give it a try.

There are more ideas in my book to share, but I am hoping that you will bring some ideas to the next meeting. We want to make this group flexible and fun. Quilters have so many great ideas and love to share, so please become a part of Freedom Quilters so we can cover our warriors.

So what's next? Come to our first meeting on April 28th at 9:30 am. Bring your sewing machine. Any fabric donations will be gratefully accepted.

I am excited to get going, I hope you are too!
~ Renee

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